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Our Story

Sentient Scripts was born from a passion for data and a drive for innovation. Established in 2017, we've evolved into a leading force in data and insights solutions. With a dedicated team of engineers and data scientists, we've built a legacy of success by catering to Fortune 500 corporations and government entities.


Sentient Scripts envisions a data-powered future, where we harness the power of data to accelerate your business.

Diverse Domains

We're proud to serve a wide spectrum of industries, from Retail to Healthcare, Fintech, Real Estate, ITeS, and beyond. Our adaptive approach ensures that your specific needs are met, no matter your sector.


We empower organizations with high-quality data insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving growth. We believe in delivering data-driven excellence and transformative solutions tailored to each unique industry we serve.


Explore Sentient Scripts' suite of data-driven solutions. Empower your organization across various industries with our transformative products and services, designed to propel you to new heights.


At Sentient Scripts, we recognize the ever-evolving drivers of success across generations. While process excellence and innovation have been pivotal, we believe the future belongs to those who harness the speed and intelligence of data. Our services cover the essentials to make your enterprise 'Sentient' in this transformative era.

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Data Platforming


Data Migration

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Decision Analytics




Our product catalog stems from recurring customer challenges. These AI/ML, Data, and Analytics-based solutions transform operations, offering immediate benefits. Customizable and implemented in 2-3 months, they accelerate operations and offer strategic advantages.

Use algorithms and AI to manage Sales Leads, your sales teams and prioritize activities to drive revenue.


Cashflow Intelligence to drive decisions on investing, borrowing and ensuring enough capital for your operational needs with healthy indicators green.


Intelligence to drive the conversion of sales inquiries into sales, and managing teams to their strengths across multiple geos, dealerships and machines


AI based facility management that is readily available at your finger tips, providing you the neceesary inputs to manage your facilities.


Streamline your supply chain for efficiency by using a platform that studies your unique ecosystem to deliver more

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Strategic workforce management platform that completely transforms your process of hiring, and scaling for business 

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Proactive monitoring solution for your technology lanscape. Never be without a clear view of performance and risks in your ecosystem


"Exciting news to share! This morning, our proactive alerts played a crucial role in prompting swift action from the development and operations teams. Sentient's proactive monitoring platform, Jamie, accurately identified an issue before a business interruption, showcasing the effectiveness of the proactive monitoring platform Jamie.
We're proud of the team's dedication and grateful for the solution."
"I wholeheartedly endorse Sentient Scripts for their exceptional role in implementing our Project Progress Management Control Center. Their quick grasp of construction project management concepts, meticulous oversight, and ability to provide real-time insights have been instrumental in the success of our initiative. Sentient Scripts' positive attitude, commitment to excellence, and dedication to continuous improvement make them an invaluable partner.
I confidently recommend Sentient Scripts for organizations seeking effective project management."
"Sentient's team rescued our project from crisis in August 2023, delivering high-quality results within revised timelines.
Their technology leadership spearheaded Azure Pipeline Development, generating valuable insights for our Sales Reps through an ML engine. The project manager's meticulous planning and risk management ensured a successful outcome. Thanks to Sentient, we not only met but exceeded customer expectations."

Our Clients


Our Clients


Success Stories

Meet the Minds Behind Our Achievement

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Technical Lead

Nabeel P M

Challenging projects here fuel my confidence and expertise. Our flexible work environment makes scheduling a breeze, and the rapid increase in responsibilities keeps things exciting. Open communication with management and our tight-knit team foster a culture of collaboration that I truly value.

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Data Scientist

Sanjna Rajesh

With over two years of experience, I've mastered Python and SQL, leading a standout project in developing an innovative recruiting platform with a chatbot. Direct client interactions in healthcare have enriched my skill set, fusing tech expertise with client communication.

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Jr. Data Scientist

Naveen Murali

I've had an amazing experience here, with supportive colleagues. The team's patience and understanding create a comfortable environment, and I'm enjoying the thoughtful work on my project, gaining valuable insights. In a short time, I've learned a lot and built strong relationships, an experience I couldn't have found elsewhere.

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Data Engineer

Vibin M V

Years with Sentient as a data engineer associate has been transformative as I got to work with industry giants in retail and healthcare, delivering cloud migration solutions and transforming data for insights. Supported by Sentient, I quickly advanced to a lead role, guiding and supporting associates for successful client outcomes.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Step into the future of data-driven excellence with Sentient Scripts! Explore our transformative AI/ML, Data, and Analytics solutions. Experience immediate operational acceleration and unique strategic advantages. Try our products and services today or request a free demo to unlock the full potential of your enterprise. Elevate your operations with Sentient Scripts.

Where Data Meets Imagination.


TC9/443, I Lane, Jawahar Nagar, Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695003, India

Sentient Scripts FZC Building - X1,

Suite - 44 P.O.Box: 9132, SHARJAH
United Arab Emirates

Deerfield Corporate Center One,

13010 Morris Road, Suite 600, GA, USA

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