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Global Sourcing is a very critical engine of any enterprise. Sourcing strategies can make a significant impact to your bottom line. We use AI/ML approaches to ensure that no matter how complex your ecosystem of sourcing partners, how variable both demand and supply are, and how poor delivery teams are able to forecast - you are able to deliver to your internal customers at the best prices, in a timely manner. Our approach understands your global ecosystems and gives you  



Our platform works on top of your HMT [Oracle Taloe, Others] to provide these powerful insights. Each implementation is tailored to each enterprise, and released within 2-3 months.


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  • Deep insights on your demand across the globe
  • Predictions on when you will be able to fulfill demand
  • Recommendations based on optimization of costs
  • Alerts on location risks/opportunities
  • Auto identification of categories
  • Identification of categories that need alternate strategies
  • Detailed analyst briefings on orders with predictions on close
  • and more..

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