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Enterprise PMO

EPMOs have a difficult responsibility of constantly identifying risks, and opportunities to highlight to the leadership. In enterprises with huge portfolios of projects running year long, a good number of analysts are required to crunch, analyze and validate the data provided by different project teams to identify risks. Our AI platform provides the power to the EPMO functions to run their operations by letting the organizational data speak to them and give them



Our platform works on top of your systems of record [Example: CA PPM, Issue Logs, etc] to provide these powerful insights. Each implementation is tailored to each enterprise, and released within 2-3 months.


Please contact us to know more:

  • Insight on Enterprise Risks
  • Trace-ability of programs to Strategy
  • Auto assessment and Prioritization of Risks
  • Detailed analyst briefings on different projects
  • Estimations of COPQ [Cost of poor quality]
  • Identification of Projects on Risk radar on vectors of
    • Schedule
    • Cost 
    • Quality

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