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Partners are important to your enterprise success. In a dynamic market where each partner delivers multiple capabilities and has relationships lasting many years, how does a VMO team work to ensure that the right partners are being identified for the right needs. How does a VMO team consistently monitor performance, when delivery has no time for such reporting. We have ai based platforms for VMOs that   




Our platform works on top of your CRM [MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Others] to provide these powerful insights. Each implementation is tailored to each enterprise, and released within 2-3 months.


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  • Provide High Fidelity Insights on partner ecosystem
  • Auto segregates partners in different levels of partnership
  • Recommends partners to focus on for initiatives based on 
    • Partner Capabilities​
    • Partner Presence
    • Ability to save
  • Identifies Opportunities to
    • Grow relationships
    • Remove low performing partners

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